Specialty Composites

    Composite Materials

    CBOL offers composite materials designed for aerospace, automotive and industrial applications. These quality composites and related products include vacuum bagging support materials, reinforcements, insulation molding compounds and prepregs, thermal and acoustic insulation materials, plastic extrusions, seals, strips and silicone sheets. All products can be supplied in small quantities and custom sizes as well as semi-finished products.

    Insulated Thermal Sheets


    CBOL coordinates the logistics for all ocean, air and ground transportation. We provide efficient export packaging including Hazmat packing and shipping, IATA documentation, time and temperature controlled shipping, JIT/AOG, custom packaging, as well as required export licenses. We can supply these products in small quantities for immediate availability and contract quantities for routine maintenance. Our buying power allows us to achieve lower freight costs by consolidating shipping containers.

    Certified Quality

    When required, CBOL can supply products produced by suppliers who adhere to the requirements of U.S. and international standards for manufacturing and quality control. CBOL's network of approved sources brings you a wide selection of composite compound products, which are delivered when and where you need them.

    Product Line

    • Carbon Fabrics
    • Fiberglass Fabrics
    • Graphite Dry Fabrics
    • Prepregs
    • Filler & Microballoons
    • Nylon Baggin Films
    • Release Films
    • Breather Fabrics
    • Specialty Resins
    • Mold Releases
    • Toolings
    • Aluminum & Nomex Honeycomb Cores

    Composite Fabric